Gowood Engineered Flooring Warranty

This Hardwood Flooring comes with a:

• 10-year manufacturer Structural Integrity Warranty

• 5-year Lacquer Finish and Wear Warranty ( not including oil finish)

These warranties, which begin from the date of purchase, apply to products used in dry residential applications. 

What the Hardwood Flooring Limited Warranty covers:

Finish and Wear Warranty - warrants to the original purchaser that its finish surface will not peel off or wear through for the indicated period of time, from the date of purchase.

Structural Integrity Warranty – Gowood warrants these engineered hardwood products in their original manufactured conditions to be free from defect in material and workmanship including assembly dimension and grading.

Note: Hardwood flooring is a natural product that will continue to expand and contract during seasonal and temperature changes. Products may experience separation between boards when properly acclimated and installed. If separations do occur, they are not covered by this warranty.

What you should do if any of the above listed problems occur and you need warranty service:

You (the original retail customer) should notify the authorized Hardwood Flooring dealer from which the original purchase was made of any defect no later than 30 days after discovering the defect but within the time period of the applicable limited warranty. You (the original retail customer) must present to that authorized Hardwood Flooring dealer the following items for a warranty claim to be considered:

• A valid proof of purchase in the form of a sales receipt or other documents which establish proof of purchase

• A description of the problem and/or a photograph/sample that clearly shows the warranty problem


What we will do should you need warranty service:

If Gowood accepts a claim under this limited warranty, we will authorise your dealer to replace, free of charge, the amount of strips presenting a manufacturing defect or pay compensation equal to the cost of the defective strips. Gowood will not reimburse any installation fees or labour costs. If the claim is related to the finishing of the floor, Gowood will assume the material and labour costs necessary to refinish the flooring of a room or rooms for which the claim was approved. This procedure constitutes the one and only way to make a claim in regards to this limited warranty.

Each Gowood Hardwood Flooring Limited Warranty is subject to the following conditions:

• This limited warranty is valid only in United Kingdom. The warranty is not transferable. It extends only to the original retail consumer. This limited warranty applies only where the affected area of the Gowood Flooring is visible and covers an area greater than 10% of the room. The flooring must be installed in accordance with Gowood flooring recommended installation instructions.

• Natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, small knots, grain variations etc. are normal characteristics and are not considered as defects. No two pieces of wood are the same and colour or other variations will occur. We do not guarantee against natural variations, or the normal difference between colour samples or photographs and colours of installed floors.

• Indentation, scratches or damage caused by negligence, water moisture, insects, animals, and high heeled or spiked shoes, or failure to use pads under rolling chairs or other furniture.

• Any product deformity that is not measurable or that is visible only in a certain angle is not considered a defect. Defects are evaluated by their visibility from a reasonable vertical distance (standing height) from the floor.

• Failure to follow manufacturers written installation instructions including protecting the floor from subfloor moisture.

• Excessive or inadequate humidity in the area of use. Relative humidity in the area of use must be within a normal range of 40%-55%.

• Improper or insufficient protection, care and maintenance.

• Accidents abuse or misuse. Warranty will be made void if man-made or natural disasters including leaking or broken plumbing, fire, flood, earthquake, or standing water occur during or after installation.

• Improper alteration of original manufactured product. Alterations or repairs to the manufacturer's original product will void any and all warranties

• Changes in colour due to full or partial exposure to sunlight and weather.

• Maple, Merbau, Kempas, Tamarindo, Pine, Brazilian Cherry and other species may change the colours due to light exposure. This is a natural occurrence and is not covered by this warranty.

• Failure due to structural changes in the subfloor, settling of the building or uneven subfloor that has not been adequately levelled.

• This warranty does not cover removal or replacement of cabinets, appliances, furniture or other fixtures.

• Gloss reduction is not considered wear.

• Faces checking, cracking, are not covered by this warranty.

• Please note that engineered floors must be installed in environments of 40% to 55% relative humidity to prevent possible damage not covered by warranty. Installation of a humidifier or dehumidifier may be necessary. The floor is designed to perform in an environmentally controlled structure. Warranty exclusions are, but not limited to, surface checking resulting from low humidity, mildew or discolouration resulting from extreme sub-floor moisture.

Please Note:

Gowood does not grant to any person or entity the authority to create for it any obligation or liability in connection with Gowood Flooring. Gowood shall not be liable to the consumer or any other person for any incidental, special or consequential damages, arising out of breach of this limited warranty or any implied limited warranty (excluding merchantability). Some states or provinces do not allow the excluding of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to the purchaser. This warranty gives the customer specific legal rights, such rights may vary from country to country.